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Alongside creating unique and emotional wedding films we also capture relaxed, authentic and natural wedding photos in Yorkshire and around the UK.


Like with our filmmaking, our approach to photography is to tell a story through the images we capture in a creative way, without impacting the natural flow of your wedding day. There may be a few parts of the day where you would like us to take some more formal photographs, for example pictures of you with your family members, friends or the bridal party.


You may also want a handful of images of the two of you together, taken in a way that reflects you and your personalities - like with our wedding videos our photos are unique to each couple and apart from some mild direction the intention is to capture the people you really are and what your relationship really looks like. 


We really believe that it is one thing to see the best posed photographs that a wedding photographer has ever taken during a workshop or styled shoot, but you really want to see what a wedding looks like and how we approach capturing a day, like the one you will have!

Let us take you through how we capture a wedding and show you the type of images that really make us tick. We love images that tell a story, capture moments and enable you to relive how things felt on your wedding day and preserving memories of those precious people in your lives.

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The idea of having a camera around while you are getting ready can make some people feel a little nervous. However we are so laid back.


If you are looking at different photographers websites you have probably heard descriptions of different styles, such as; documentary, reportage, fine art, dark and moody, light and airy etc. I find it hard to pigeon hole myself into a particular approach or aesthetic, but if you like the images you see on our website and social pages, and you don't want to take yourself too seriously, then I think we are probably a good fit for you. 

I like to think of us as an extra guest at your wedding with a really good camera, capturing what is happening, but with an awareness of how to make it look nice, interesting and emotive. The portrait type images are captured in a couple of short walks (10-15 mins) around your venue, or another location and even if you aren't that bothered about having your photo taken, you will probably enjoy the short break from the action and to take a few moments for yourselves as a newlywed couple!

On the day we will probably take thousands of photos, we find it is best to capture as many moments as possible, but they won't all be perfect or fit into the story. So after the day is over we select the shots that we know you will want to see and spend time editing them consistently so they show the emotion in them. We love black and white images because they allow you to focus on the emotion and the images really come to life, but colour images are also important to show the scene as it was. This is why we create a mixture of both and the image we deliver will be edited the way that tells the story best. 


As we can provide both wedding videography and photography as a combine collection you get to experience your day in both still and moving images, with the confidence and convenience thanks to our years of experience providing both services together.


So if you are searching for a wedding photographer around Leeds, Sheffield, York, Harrogate, Huddersfield, or somewhere else in the UK get in touch with us to check our availability and discuss your plans!