Our First Wedding Film - where it all began.

Can you recall your first day at a new job? Those feelings of excitement, nerves, disorientation!

Ok, now imagine that first day at that new job you are working on your own, no one to guide you or go to with your questions, and you are documenting one of the most important day's of two people's lives! Yes the pressure was on, it was a little stressful, and although I had planned for the day the best that I could, it was still quite a fluid situation that required heavy doses of initiative (winging it!)

But what I can say is that was one of the most enjoyable experiences of my life. It was what I had been searching for, for a long time. The opportunity to be creative, think on my feet for a positive purpose, and a push out of my comfort zone. It was amazing to be part of someone else's special day (but not directly be involved), and I loved it.

Afterwards I came home and looked through all of the footage. I knew how to edit, but I didn't have a set plan. The story just shone through the more I went through the clips, I felt their personalities popping out of the images I had captured, the vibe of the day and their relationship was so strong.

I was excited. Technically it wasn't the best piece of cinematography, it wasn't high level editing, but it was my first time and I didn't expect any of those things. What excited me was that through my nerves, disorientation, the pressure and the stress I had managed to focus on the STORY. I had felt the emotion (I am quite an emotive person!), and I had captured those feelings through my camera.

I had no idea if they would like it, this whole process was not what I was used to.

Below I will post the review left for this film. All I can say is I was overwhelmed.

That was the point I realised I had to do whatever it took to make this my life, to spend my time bringing happiness to others by helping them capture their most important memories. Your Story Films was born.

I owe so much to these guys, as they took a risk asking me to record their big day for them. I will always remember this wedding, this day, Miranda and Mike. Thank you.

Review from Miranda Greetham.

"When we began planning our wedding a videographer was not on our list of priorities. A photographer, absolutely, but we really thought that a videographer wasn’t necessary.

This all changed when I was introduced to Julian at ‘Your Story Films’. Julian is not only unbelievably talented, professional and creative, he is also one of the nicest guys you are ever likely to encounter.

From the moment we met I knew that there would be no awkwardness or self-consciousness. Every shot Julian captured was natural and relaxed. On our Wedding Day we barely noticed the cameras; he was unobtrusive yet somehow managed to capture each precious moment of our day.

When we received our video, my husband and I sat together to watch it. The rush of emotions it recaptured were pure joy. The video is timeless, stunningly creative and something which we will treasure for years to come. It really did exceed all of our expectations!

Julian is passionate, enthusiastic and I could tell that he was truly excited to be there with us. For Julian this work is not just ‘a job’ it’s his passion. He spends many hours in planning and preparation to make a work of art. If you are looking for a videographer who is professional, warm-hearted, caring and beyond talented, and if you wish to have a wedding video that will blow you away - then look no further. You MUST choose ‘Your Story Films’."