Wedding videography near Scarborough, North Yorkshire

The day before Shelley and Dan’s wedding we had been taking photographs at Aimee and and Joe’s wedding over towards Bradford in West Yorkshire. By the time we got home and made sure the equipment was charged up and ready for the next day the weather was turning. The forecast was talking about ‘a lot of' snow!

We hurried to bed, it would need to be an early start. 5.30am the alarms were going off, but we couldn’t risk a snooze, Shelley and Dan’s wedding ceremony might not have been until 1pm, but we couldn’t risk it. The drive to Ravens Hall Hotel in Robin Hoods Bay is a long one over the North Yorkshire Moors. Hills and snow - who knows what will happen!!!

Luckily we set off early enough and missed the worst of the weather. By the time we landed Scarborough way it was coming down and providing some beautiful drama to the landscape, but we were safe - as a wedding videographer and photographer you never want to be rushed or late for a wedding.

I love Ravens Hall, it has such character, and in terms of the outside portraits it is unbelievably beautiful.

The wedding itself was lovely, with very heartfelt, personal vows spoken to each other, a fantastic opera singer, and afterwards the weather broke. The sun shone, and although it was absolutely freezing Shelley and Dan braved the cold to get some amazing shots with the sea and snow covered hills as a backdrop.

The drive home was a little slippy, but we made it!

Great day with lovely people. You can see Shelley and Dan's Film here.