“My fellow coffee fiend and adorer of cheese” | Lucy and Colin’s Robin Hoods Bay wedding film

Raven's Hall Hotel Wedding, North Yorkshire

It’s 10am, your 15 minutes from the wedding you are filming that day and you stop at a trusty McDonalds to grab some caffeine and prevent your bladder from bursting. It’s at this point you check your phone to see a message from your wife – it says ‘what shoes are you wearing?’

I looked down at my bright white trainers and realised that I had remembered to pack everything I would need except my smart shoes. Dilemma, look like an unprofessional comedy act in front of your clients and their guests, or go shoe shopping. The next hour was spent sightseeing in Scarborough’s number one shopping spot. A Next sale (OMG) and three shops later I had some shoes (that would later create blisters!)

By the time I showed up at the wedding destination I was a little more flustered than I had hoped. The weather wasn’t being kind either, it had threatened rain for most of the journey, but by the time I arrived it was really peeing it down, the clouds were low and there was a significant amount of wind.

At this point I'd like to set the scene for todays wedding.... This is one of the most beautiful places I have ever been. The Ravens Hall Hotel is on top of cliffs, where a few hundred years ago stood an old fort. The fort no longer stands, but there are battlement ruins that provide a medieval castle like feel to the area around the more modern and quite grand hotel building.

I love being amongst mountains/hills, and I love being near water. I love the vibrant colours from flowers and the ambient shades of green from grass and shrubs. It is rare to be in a location where all of those things are present, blend harmoniously and tie into cliff edges with battlements above the crashing waves - this is one of those rare locations. It is beautiful.

Let’s fast forward a couple of hours, as at this point I didn’t get time to take any of the scenery in, and if I had I would have been dripping from head to toe.

Ceremony time. The weather had sorted itself out and the guests had taken their seats in a lovely old hall which felt like a barn with exposed beams and stone walls.

I don’t think I have ever met a groom who was less nervous than Colin who was happily chatting to the guests, laughing and smiling. Lucy entered the room accompanied by her dad with a huge smile on her face (Kieran the photographer got an awesome shot of this). As Lucy and Col had already legally tied the knot their short and very personal service was conducted by Lucy’s brother. He did a sterling job as ‘minister for a day’ complimented by family members providing readings and ring bearers.

There was no time to pause, the ceremony finished and guests walked down to one the most picturesque places to sip wine in the country. While friends and family gathered Lucy kicked off her shoes, Col took the train of her dress and they strolled down towards the sea with the photographer - Kieran and myself following.

Lucy’s dress was blowing beautifully in the wind. The sky was a moody blue and grey creating gorgeous contrast with the green hills and the choppy sea. Lucy and Col walked, embraced and kissed. Natural, unposed - Wow. This was perfect.

Later into the evening the sun made an appearance and blasted through the clouds to create a yellow red glow that glistened across the bay. Inside the great hall a traditional Ceilidh band provided a lively atmosphere ensuring no one could escape the dance floor. There was a Photo Booth, a pizza van, several types of cake. It was fun, and very laid back.

This was a great wedding. I think a wedding should reflect you, it should feel like you brought all your guests on a date night with you. That’s what Lucy and Col’s wedding felt like, it was a pleasure to be part of it.

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