Hi, and thank you for spending a little time to get to know us, we hope you give us the opportunity to get to know you guys too. We are Lyndsey & Jules, and we are a pair of creative wedding videographers and photographers from Yorkshire, which has to be one of the best jobs in the world. 


We are living the dream! 



This isn't about us, it is your day and these are your memories. That is why our approach is completely focussed around your personalities and the vibe of your wedding. 

How does that work? Please take a look at this quick video which explains a little more about how we tell Your Story. 


The simple way to explain it is that we are natural, relaxed and flexible. Using minimal equipment, we are like extra guests carrying small, high quality cameras. 

We capture the day as it unfolds, and if you want us to, we will provide a little direction for certain shots. But if you want the day to be completely documentary, we just leave you to it  - it is up to you.

If you want a little more info, watch this video.


The backstory!

The truth is, until a few years ago, neither of us knew how to use a camera properly and no one in our families, or circle of friends were filmmakers or photographers. It wasn't something we ever considered.

I bet you haven't heard  videographers/photographers say that in their about section before!


16 years ago we met at work, we were both very young Police Officers, both very passionate about helping people and we are proud to have helped many people throughout our time in public service. Although our personalities were different, they were complimentary and there was immediate chemistry between us. Within a year of meeting we were engaged, two years later we were married and two kids later we had the epiphany. Although we had both built successful careers, we realised there is more to life than working a job that doesn't make you happy, and prevented us from having adequate time together as a family. We wanted to build a better life for the future.

But what the hell would we do? 

What happened next is a bit crazy! We really liked our wedding video, but it was a bit old school, and we had spent a number of years attending lots of weddings, as our friends were all getting married. Weddings were a lot of fun, and I had always been into photography and filmmaking as a hobby - I just loved documenting life and being able to re-experience great times. My love of photography stems from capturing people, rather than an artistic pursuit.


Combining a desire to start our own business, with hobby level experience of cameras, videography and photography I set out learning everything I could about wedding videography. It sounds absolutely daft now I am writing it down, but this is how it happened! After attending the university of YouTube and spending most of our savings on some camera equipment, I offered to film a friend, of a friends wedding. It turned out alright and I really enjoyed it!


The next bit gets even more crazy!

Over the next year we both quit our jobs in the Police, enrolled on University degree courses and lived the student life we had never had - apart from, we had 2 young kids, a mortgage and were capturing peoples weddings most weekends! Neither of us had thought of ourselves as 'creative' or 'artistic' in the past, but we were very practical, hard working, and adaptable. 


We learnt filmmaking, photography and business together, and it turns out we were much more creative than we thought! We were providing the type of service that we would want to receive, alongside a fresh and unique style of wedding filmmaking and photography. In the summer of 2020 we had both graduated with first class honours degrees in media, photography and business, and had been fortunate for the opportunity to tell many amazing stories for our wedding couples. Along the way we had opened a creative studio space, started a commercial photo and video brand (Your Story Creative), and were supporting other creatives in the wedding industry with our online community Wedding Mavericks.

Lyndsey and I are both modest, down to earth, genuine people. Despite what we have achieved there are no egos, we feel very grateful for the opportunity to tell peoples stories, doing something we enjoy and being able to balance making a living with family life. We pride ourselves on providing a personal, high level customer service, with a relaxed, fun and creative approach to capturing your wedding. If that sounds like what you are looking for, then we would love to chat with you.

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We truly believe the most important yard stick of being good at your craft is having happy clients and approaching what you do in a genuine and unique way, without getting drawn in to the hottest trend. Impressing others in the industry isn't our goal, and these days almost every photo/video website use the words 'award winning'. 

That said, we are proud to be recommended suppliers at a number of venues (probably because we are nice to work with!) and we have also had our work featured in blogs, as well as receiving recognition from industry awards. 

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If you would like an honest, real and relevant insight into the service we provide, please take a look at what our previous couples have said about us, as they were getting married - just like you!