"As soon as soon as we saw Jules and Lyndsey’s story films we fell in love with their work, when we met them we knew they were the film makers for us. They are such lovely genuine people. They have a rare and wonderful skill to be able to listen and produce films that reflect couples perfectly." 

Jennifer Rowe

It started around 15 years ago. Within a year we were engaged, two years later we were married and two kids later we had the epiphany. There is more to life than working a job that doesn't make you happy.

At that point we worked hard to follow our dreams. It wasn't easy but we invested everything into turning 'Your Story' into a reality alongside returning to higher education as mature students.

Both of us are very modest and are not the type to blow our own trumpet. But over the past few years we are very proud of being able to build a successful photography / videography business alongside both achieving first class grades in our degrees. 

Our focus is providing excellent customer service with a bespoke approach to each couple. The reason we have not mentioned the work we produce until now is because there are thousands of amazing image makers - but there a few that combine creative, breathtaking and natural storytelling with high level customer service. 


It's nice to meet you.


Hi, we are Lyndsey & Jules. We are a pair of creative wedding videographers from Yorkshire, which has to be one of the best jobs in the world! When we are not capturing weddings or pursuing other creative business endeavours, we live a simple life spending time together as a family, going to parks, playing games, and of course having carpet picnic pizza, whilst watching a film.  


If you are looking for Hollywood filmmakers who take hours setting up the perfect shot and directing your wedding like a movie set then we probably aren't the wedding videographers you have been looking for. Although we are good at producing creative wedding films, our laid back, easy to get along with personalities is the reason we think people choose us to make their wedding video (don't take our word for it, please read the reviews!)


Choosing someone to tell the story of your wedding is an important decision. Not only do you need to know the quality of the video you receive will be good, but you need to know you will feel comfortable with the people filming you on your wedding day. 


This is why we feel it is important for you to get to know us, but also for us to get to know you a little bit before the wedding. It helps everyone relax, and helps us make a film that you will really connect with. We encourage meeting in person, usually at our studio in Denby Dale. However if time and scheduling is an issue we can arrange a FaceTime or Skype call.


On the day we focus on natural, real moments, and we let you be yourselves. The equipment we use is small and unobtrusive, and for most of the day we work handheld which adds to the relaxed and authentic feel of our footage. This style of videography allows us to be quick, getting shots that you won't see in most other wedding videos, and we can blend in with the guests holding our small photography cameras.

Once the day is over we create photos and videos based around the feel of the day, and the people involved. This is why all of our films and photography galleries look different, from the aspects we concentrate on during the day, to the music, through to the style and pace of editing, colour grading and sound design.

Please take a look at some example of our films if you want to see what we mean!

We are very proud of stories we tell, and it always feels special to hear how our previous couples have felt about the wedding videos we have created for them. Below is a video showing one of our previous couples Sarah and Chris talking about their experience of deciding to have a wedding film and choosing their wedding videographer.


"My wife was adamant that we have a videographer and I'm so glad. Your story films absolutely exceeded our expectations. Totally discreet and unobtrusive whilst filming, yet managed to skillfully capture every key moment and then present us with a beautifully edited wedding film that's had people in tears for the right reasons. Thank you so much Jules." 
Elliot Foxton





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