Love with a view | Janet and Mark's wedding photographs at the Laura Ashley Hotel, Bowness on Wi

wedding in the lake district

If I could give anyone getting married just one piece of advice it would be to have a day that you will appreciate. Sounds a little vague I know, but anyone who has been through the process of planning and having a wedding will probably understand exactly what I mean..

When we got married we were young (24!). In someways I don't know if we really knew fully what we wanted, but along the way we saw things we liked and we knew we wanted a 'fun' wedding. In the end that is exactly what it was, it was great fun and I wouldn't change anything about it. But now if we were getting married. Well, it would be very different. That discussion is a blog post all of its own that I will write at some point, but for now I want to talk about another couple.

Janet and Mark didn't want a fuss, they didn't want stress, they didn't want a show. They wanted to make the ultimate commitment to each other with those closest to them present - in a beautiful place. They wanted to feel comfortable and relaxed. In fact they hadn't wanted a photographer, but hopefully they will be glad that one was arranged for them (Janet's son asked me), so that they have some visual memories of the day to look back on.

When you take away all the 'stuff' we all have in our lives these days and you think about what is really important, then feeling comfortable and relaxed with your nearest and dearest is the perfect way to spend any day - especially the day you get married. Whilst weddings with photo booths, chocolate fountains, bands, DJ’s, magician’s etc are lots of fun, they only exist because couples are trying to entertain their guests. But if you stick to original brief of a wedding - two people in love - connecting lawfully and emotionally, then you don't need any of that 'stuff'.

It was a pleasure to photograph this kind, genuine, and shy couple. It forced me to keep things simple, and completely focus on the couple instead of being distracted by the show. The bonus was an absolutely stunning location right in the centre of Bowness-on-Windermere at the Bellsfield - Laura Ashley hotel, there are few locations to get married which provide a backdrop like it.

It really was a honour to be invited to tell this story.